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        Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, established in 1981, is an advanced academic periodical in epidemiology and related disciplines in China, which, according to the principle of integrating theory with practice, mainly reports the major progress in epidemiological research, including field epidemiology, clinical epidemiology and disease surveillance, presents epidemiology related laboratory research reports and reflects the hot issues or priority issues in disease prevention and control in China for the medical professionals engaged in the research and teaching of epidemiology, preventive medicine, basic medicine and clinical medicine. The columns of the journal include commentary, expert forum, original article, field investigation, disease surveillance, laboratory research, clinical epidemiology, basic theory or method and review, etc. 
        The journal is included by more than ten major biomedical databases and index systems worldwide, such as been indexed in Scopus, PubMed/MEDLINE, PubMed Central (PMC), Europe PubMed Central, Embase, Chemical Abstract, Chinese Science and Technology Paper and Citation Database (CSTPCD), Chinese core journal essentials overview, Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) core database, Chinese Biological Medical Disc (CBMdisc), and Chinese Medical Citation Index (CMCI), etc. It is one of the core academic journals and carefully selected core journals in preventive and basic medicine in China. Chinese Journal of Epidemiology was honorably appraised as one of the 100 outstanding academic journals in China for 2012-2021 years, and one of the excellent academic journals with international influence in China for 2014-2017 years, and it was honorably appraised as the Excellent International Impact Academic Journal of China for 2018-2022 years.
        Founded in: 1981
        Frequency: Monthly
        Editing: Editorial Board of the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology
        Address: No. B115 Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, No. 155 Changbai Road, Changping District, Beijing, P.R.China.
        Tel/Fax: 86-10-58900730
        CSSN: ISSN 0254-6450
                    CN: 11-2338/R
        Code number: 2-73.