中国营养学会.中国高龄老年人体质指数适宜范围与体重管理指南(T/CNSS 021—2023)[J].Chinese journal of Epidemiology,2023,44(9):1335-1337
中国高龄老年人体质指数适宜范围与体重管理指南(T/CNSS 021—2023)
Appropriate range of body mass index and body weight management guidelines for Chinese oldest old (T/CNSS 021-2023)
Received:August 04, 2023  
KeyWord: 中国  高龄老年人  体质指数  适宜范围  体重管理
English Key Word: China  Oldest old  Body mass index  Appropriate range  Body weight management
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Chinese Nutrition Society  shixm@chinacdc.cn 
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English Abstract:
      Body mass index (BMI) is widely recognized as an important indicator of physical health. However, the current BMI standard and guidelines primarily focus on children and general adults, neglecting the specific needs of the oldest old aged 80 years or older. To address this gap, this guideline aims to provide recommendations on the appropriate range of BMI and weight management for the oldest old in China, including age calculation, defining the appropriate BMI range, BMI measurement indicators, and weight management strategies. It is intended to be utilized by medical and health organizations at all levels, as well as medical and nursing service institutions, to evaluate the BMI and manage the weight of the oldest old population.
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